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Method of Fee Payment

Method of fee payment

A variety of fee payment options is available:

  • cheque/money order
  • EFTPOS/credit card - Visa or MasterCard only
  • direct debit payment plans - not available for enrolments with a duration of less than 3 months*;
  • Centrepay# (for those eligible) - is not available where the total course cost is less than $100, or
  • direct credit (lump sum payment); BSB 083971 ACC 027786373 (must include reference to student ID number when making payment)
  • VET Student Loan (see more information on the VET Student Loans page).

*For direct debit payment plans you will be required to pay an application fee of $30. At the time of application for direct debit, and before your course commences, you will be required to pay a deposit of 10% of your total fees (including enrolment fees and any materials or other fees), followed by regular direct debit payments from a nominated bank account until final payment is received (over a maximum ten (10) month period or 1 month before the end of your enrolment, whichever is the earliest). To enter into a payment plan you will need to complete a ‘Payment Plans for Fees and Student Loans - General Information and Direct Debit Request Form’. 

#For Centrepay arrangements a 10% deposit is required.

Please note that if you withdraw from your course and are not entitled to a refund (please refer to Refunds page) you will still be bound by your payment plan agreement and be liable for the remaining payments on your plan.

For Diploma and Advanced Diploma enrolments, direct debit is only available for:

  • students ineligible for a VET Student Loan
  • courses where VET Student Loans are not offered, or
  • to arrange payment for any gap fees between the VET Student Loan cap and course enrolment fees. 

VET Student Loans

VET Student Loans is an Australian Government loan scheme, effective 1 January 2017, which is available to you if you are studying a VET Student Loan-supported Diploma or Advanced Diploma course regardless of whether you are paying fees at the Victorian Government-subsidised rate or at the 'Fee for Service' rate. For further information on VET Student Loans refer to or the VET Student Loans page on our website. 

It is important to note that a VET Student Loan is capped at a certain amount depending on the course that you are undertaking. Where Wodonga TAFE course fees are higher than this cap, you will need to arrange payment of the gap between the VET Student Loan capped amount and the course fees. To seek VET Student Loan assistance from Wodonga TAFE, phone 02 6055 6601 or email 

Employer/sponsor payment of fees

You can arrange for your employer/sponsor/a third party to pay your fees, however we must have written authorisation from them that indicates that they are accepting responsibility for the payment of your fees. If your fees are being paid by a third party on your behalf, for example, an employer or government agency, you must provide a purchase order or a written and signed ‘Authority to Invoice Form’ from that individual, enterprise, or agency before your enrolment can be finalised.

Unpaid fees or debts

It is your responsibility to make sure that all fees and debts (including library fines, childcare, or accommodation fees, and so on) are paid. If you have outstanding debts to Wodonga TAFE, you will not be allowed to continue your studies or enrol in any further courses. Outstanding fees and debts may also have an impact on any enrolment fee refunds being paid.

Wodonga TAFE engages the services of debt collection agencies to recover unpaid fees or debts and, as such, reserves the right to recover these debt collection costs from you.

Other fees

From 2023 Wodonga TAFE will no longer be issuing hard copy certificates.

  • If you have previously received a hardcopy certificate from Wodonga TAFE,  you may request a digital copy be added to your My eQuals Learner Portal for a fee of $20. Please note: if you received your certificate prior to 2013 the fee will be $60.
  • Replacement Competency Card fee $30
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