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For all course categories and funding arrangements, if at any time Wodonga TAFE cancels a course you will receive a full refund of all course fees paid.

If you decide to withdraw from your course enrolment the following will apply.

Non VET Student Loan courses

Withdrawal before course commencement

Where a written withdrawal notification is received more than seven (7) working days before course commencement, a full refund of enrolment and material fees, less a $50 administration fee, will be paid.

Where a written withdrawal notification is received with less than seven (7) working days notice, a full refund of enrolment and material fees, less a $100 administration fee, will be paid. Where the refund amount is less than the $100 administration fee no refund will be paid.

Withdrawal after course commencement

For any short course enrolments where the course duration is less than four (4) weeks, no refund will be payable if prior written notification has not been provided before course commencement as described above.

If you are unable to attend a short course and wish to transfer to an alternative date, payment may be transferred, in certain circumstances. 

For withdrawals after course commencement you will need to complete and submit a withdrawal notification form here on our website and submit it to Wodonga TAFE no later than four (4) weeks after the date of your last participation. Applications received greater than four (4) weeks after the date of your last participation may result in no refund being paid (this also applies to employers/sponsors who are paying fees on your behalf). Alternatively, please contact Student Administration on 1300 698 233.

A refund of enrolment fees will not be paid for any units that you have commenced, that is: if the teacher has a record of participation in a unit no refund will be available for that unit(s).

A refund of enrolment fees may be available for those units which you have not yet commenced, however you must request a refund.

Note 1: A $100 administration fee will apply for refund requests which will be deducted from the refund calculated. Where the refund amount is less than the $100 administration fees, no refund will be paid. 

Note 2: If you fail to attend scheduled classes for four (4) consecutive weeks or more without notifying your teacher you may be classified as withdrawn, no refund will be payable, and you may be required to re-enrol if you wish to resume.

Note 3: A refund of unused materials will be at the discretion of the delivery department Director.

Note 4: If you are paying your fees via a payment plan or Centrepay arrangement you will still be liable for payment of fees associated with the units you have commenced. Should you stop payment without notification to us, we reserve the right to engage the services of a debt collection agency which may impact on future enrolments.

Refund arrangements for VET Student Loan classified courses

VET Student Loan requirements apply to those nominated courses and the specific rules that apply to refunds under VET Student Loans override the refund policy above. 

You will be entitled to a full refund of any enrolment fees paid and will not incur a VET Student Loan debt if you withdraw in writing on or before the published census date. If you withdraw after the census date you will not receive a refund and will be liable for any VET Student Loan. Census dates are available via our VET Student Loan web page.

Note: Any non-recoverable materials or additional fees are not refunded.

Methods of payment of refunds

If you are accessing a VET Student Loan, your refund will be in the form of a re-credit to your VET Student Loan balance.

Refunds will only be made to the nominated bank account provided at the time of enrolment or at the time of withdrawal as long as the account details are verified as having a connection with the student. Where suitable bank details are not provided payment will be via cheque.

Where a credit card was used to pay the original fees, the refund must be paid to that credit card. In this instance payment of the refund into a nominated bank account is not permitted.

Refund payment of course fees paid by a sponsor will only be made to the sponsor’s account and not to the student.

If you have entered into a payment plan, necessary adjustments will be made, including a refund to your bank account (or to your credit card if this was your method of payment) of any amounts owing.

In some cases, fee refunds may be transferred to credit fees for another course in the same calendar year. Fee credits cannot be used in this way beyond the end of the calendar year.

Refund payments in cash are not made.

Appeals on refunds

If you are unhappy with the outcome of a request for refund, or if you are in circumstances of financial hardship, you are entitled to appeal the decision through your course coordinator or customer service area. If you are still not satisfied after this appeal process, you may lodge a grievance by putting your concerns in writing to the Chief Executive Officer of Wodonga Institute of TAFE.
1300 698 233
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