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Our Initiatives

Wodonga TAFE's Initiatives

Discover the initiatives at Wodonga TAFE that underpin our strategic directions to achieve our long-term goals, benefiting vocational and education in our region, employment outcomes, industry, and community.

Early Childhood Tertiary Partnerships program

Funded by the Victorian Government, the Early Childhood Tertiary Partnerships program aims to increase the number of Certificate III, Diploma, and Degree qualified early childhood educators in Victoria.

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Environmental Strategic Plan

Wodonga TAFE’s Environmental Strategic Plan will propel sustainability initiatives throughout a significant portion of our business and decision-making processes. By establishing vital connections with various other plans and frameworks, we commit to applying a sustainability lens to every aspect of our organisation

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Transport Advocacy

Transport is viewed as a major barrier to participation in education for Wodonga TAFE current and prospective students, as well as the North East Victoria region. 

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GROW Program

Wodonga TAFE and La Trobe University partnership brings new GROW initiative to support Early Childhood and Community Services careers

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Belonging Framework

The purpose of this framework is to embed the principles of equity, collaboration, respect, diversity, accountability into all aspects of Wodonga TAFE’s operations.

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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Wodonga TAFE has adopted the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to help support and raise awareness of those living with a hidden disability. We’re training our staff to identify the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, gain a deeper understanding of hidden disabilities, and learn how to approach and support customers with a hidden disability.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Wodonga TAFE encourages all members of its community to actively engage with the initiatives and activities in the Reconciliation Acton Plan, and work together to improve engagement, respect for and collaboration with, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Veterans and Families Strategy

Wodonga TAFE's Veterans and Families strategy supports Veterans and their families through recognition, education, and employment.

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