T'was the week before Christmas: A VCAL tale

T'was the week before Christmas: A VCAL tale

By Brandt Johnson
22 Dec 2016

T'was a few days before Christmas, when all through the Plaza
The crowds were all shopping, rushing faster and faster.
The hampers were packed on a table from Aware,
For donation to families through Uniting Care.

The VCAL students were all eager and proud,
From collecting food items from a generous crowd.
They worked and they toiled so families in need,
Could have nice things for Christmas, some toys and a feed.

Catherine Byrne, ER Coordinator from Uniting Care,
Was overjoyed to receive the hampers there.
"We couldn't do what we do without partnerships so strong,
With Wodonga TAFE students, we just can't go wrong."

That's a beautiful story, but it's not the end,
Of the beautiful giving to our community friends.
The VCAL group wrapped presents, raising money for pets,
They're in need too, for food, warmth and vets.

Through the wrapping of gifts, and donation of time,
The selfless hard-workers inspired this rhyme.
To the tune of more than two-hundred bucks,
Wodonga Dog Rescue's pups were in luck.

With five or six dogs surrendered this week,
They need lots of help during this holiday peak.
Jo Zuber was grateful, happy the dogs could be fed,
"It's all about the dogs getting new homes and warm beds."

The students were thanked for all their hard work,
My heart grew three sizes from the kindness incurred.
There were bikkies and juice to celebrate the year,
The achievements and confidence in overcoming work fears.

"Now, Alex! now, Rachel! now, Jessica and Jordan!
On, Yuna! On, James! And finally, on, Georgia!
You've shown you can achieve whatever you wanna!
With inspirational guidance from your teacher, Lana!"

Be proud of yourselves this holiday season,
You've come a long way with very good reason.
You've accomplished so much before the year's out of sight,
"Thanks for a happier Christmas, you helped make it just right."