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Pathways to University

Pathways to University

Kick-start your career with career direct, our TAFE to Uni pathways program!

Stay, work, and study locally

Career Direct offers you the opportunity to complete a qualification at Wodonga TAFE and continue on to university studies. Our university partnerships enable you to receive credit towards your degree for the studies that you have already completed with Wodonga TAFE. 

Download the Career Direct brochure - updated for 2023-24

A feature of this program is being able to complete your studies right here in Albury Wodonga, or you can take the opportunity to move to one of our partner university locations.

Completing a certificate or diploma and then continuing to a degree gives you an education and career pathway that offers many entry and exit points, so you can study and then enter the workforce with work-ready skills. Continuing your education from TAFE to university enables you to make choices and drive career opportunities. 


Start your learning journey with us

Learn in small supportive classes at Wodonga TAFE, with teachers who are continually given the seal of approval by our students for their commitment, their industry knowledge, and their willingness to put in the extra effort to help you achieve your goals. Our teachers have close ties with industry and understand the skills and knowledge that employers are looking for in potential employees. Real, hands-on industry work experiences and simulated training environments mean that you graduate with work-ready knowledge and skills. 

Call Wodonga TAFE's career advisors to discuss your study options, and any prerequisite study that may apply. Phone 1300 698 233 or email to book your appointment. 

Our university partners

Our highly-respected university partners are located across Victoria and New South Wales, offering you a range of study options depending on where you want to study.

VET Student Loans

The VET Student Loans program is a Commonwealth Government loan scheme available to you if you are studying at diploma or advanced diploma level. For more information about VET Student Loans, visit our webpage at or phone 02 6055 6601.

Credit arrangements differ between universities. Check the university’s website or phone the university to confirm the course you want to study and for specific details about credits available to you. You also need to confirm with the university about how you apply for your undergraduate degree and how credits from your diploma and/or advanced diploma apply to that degree course. Please note that all Wodonga TAFE courses run subject to minimum enrolments. Diploma and advanced diploma courses may be partly funded by the Victorian or Commonwealth Governments.

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