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Waste Management at Wodonga TAFE

Tuesday, 20 February 2024

One of the main priorities identified in the strategic planning process is waste management.

Results from a recent waste audit showed contamination in our bins was high (>50%). Through the implementation of consistent internal and external resource management stations, better signage, and education, Wodonga TAFE will work hard on waste reduction by 2030.

In an effort to improve our waste management outcomes, a new four-bin system is being rolled out across Wodonga TAFE campuses. You should start to see more bins and signage showing: 

    • Red bin – general waste for landfill
    • Yellow bin – mixed recycling
    • Green lidded bin – organic waste
    • Container Deposit (CD) – cans and bottles

In addition to updated stickers and signage around bin zones, we have teamed up with Halve Waste to bring you this explanatory video which outlines which items should be placed in which bin.

Learn more about the Wodonga TAFE Environmental Strategic Plan.

Visit the HalveWaste Website.

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