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How to gain an apprenticeship


Steps to gain an apprenticeship or traineeship

If you’re thinking of becoming an apprentice or trainee, below are a few helpful steps to point you in the right direction to commencing a great career.

A downloadable flyer on 'How to gain an Apprenticeship or Traineeship' is available from our FAQs and Resources page

There are also some handy video tips below!

Step 1: Research


To help you decide on a future direction, it is recommended you understand:

  • what is an apprenticeship and traineeship and what do they involve?
  • what industries and occupations best suit your interests?
  • what career best suits your skills and interests?
  • what industries require apprenticeships or traineeships?


Step 2: Preparation


Of all the apprenticeships and traineeships available, it is recommended you understand:

  • skills and knowledge required to start an apprenticeship or traineeship.
  • pre-apprenticeships and the industries that use them.
  • types of organisations that employ apprentices or trainees.
  • training environment and how it works.
  • wages and entitlements received as an apprentice or trainee.


Step 3: Job hunting

Research and contact employers: quite often employers do not list job openings on their website. It is recommended to contact employers directly and ask to speak to the most appropriate person responsible for hiring staff.

Search jobs advertised on job websites: the traditional approach to job hunting is searching websites to find an employer looking to hire an apprentice or trainee.

Contact a Group Training Organisation (GTO): A GTO employs apprentices or trainees and hires them to ‘host employers’ whilst undertaking their training.


Step 4: Sign up

Search for an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASNs) provider: an AASN administers the training contract, covering all aspects of employing an apprentice, contracts, cancellations and more.

Enrolling in a qualification: An apprentice or trainee needs to be signed up with an Apprenticeship Network Provider before enrolling with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Ask your Apprenticeship Network Provider about the RTOs that deliver the qualification you are interested in, or search for RTOs on the Australian Government’s ‘My Skills’ website.

View more information about the ‘Steps to an Australian Apprenticeship’ via www.aapathways.com.au/job-hunting/steps

Tips to get an apprenticeship or traineeship

Video credit: BCITO and Master Plumbers NZ


How to get an apprenticeship

  • Maintain a good work ethic and attitude
  • Gain your driver’s licence
  • Try and stay in school as long as possible
  • Update your resume/CV to include all your skills
  • Ask for References, whether personal or work
  • Ask for work experience and show your initiative.


Things employers look for in apprentices 

  • Be punctual, enthusiastic, and have a positive attitude
  • Ask questions, lots and lots of questions
  • Remember that a day at trade school is a day at work
  • Use your initiative
  • Listen and learn.


Tips from apprentices

  • Be keen and committed
  • Teamwork
  • What you put in, you get back
  • Work hard and stick at it
  • How much you learn is up to you.