Becoming an Apprentice or Trainee


Apprenticeships and Traineeships

If you want to give your career a kickstart, an apprenticeship or traineeship is a great way to get ahead.

As an apprentice or trainee, you get the benefit of structured and relevant competency-based training that teaches you skills you can use straight away.

You’ll also be working which means you’re getting paid while you complete your training, as well as gaining valuable on-the-job experience.

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship or traineeship, you’ll have the expertise, experience and qualification you need to take the next step in your career or further your education.

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We  recommend you visit the 'Steps to gain an apprenticeship or traineeship' page first. It can be quite confusing, so we've done our best to clarify the process for you!


Key players in an apprenticeship and traineeship




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