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Who we can help and how!

Who we can help and how!

Wodonga's Skills and Jobs Centre is your FREE one-stop-shop, providing services for anyone requiring assistance, guidance or advice about future study or training options. The experienced staff at Wodonga's Skills and Jobs Centre can also offer career advice to suit you, and can also help you navigate the requirements of applying for a job.

Who can use the Skills and Jobs Centre?

  • Prospective students
  • Current students
  • Apprentices and trainees
  • Unemployed or retrenched workers
  • Women returning to work
  • New immigrants or refugees
  • Anyone seeking a career change
  • Employers
  • Industry
  • Small businesses.

What our Skills and Jobs Centre staff can help with!

  • Preparing resumes
  • The skills and knowledge you need for addressing key selection criteria
  • Information (unbiased) on study opportunities
  • Information on jobs in demand
  • Information about employment trends
  • Job seeker advice
  • Assistance in recognising your own skills
  • Assistance in accessing other support services that may benefit you (welfare, finance, etc.)

How our Skills and Jobs Centre can help Business and Industry

  • Assistance with preparing applicants for recruitment
  • Assistance with skills and training needs analysis
  • Identification of training options for staff
  • Information on skills in demand and employment trends.


If you have any questions regarding the Skills and Jobs Centre or the resource provided, please contact the Skills and Jobs Centre at Wodonga TAFE on 1300 698 233 or email

Resume Template:
This can be adapted to create your own resume. It outlines what you should have on your own resume, what order it should be in, and provides a general template that you can follow. 

Find the resume template here.

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1300 698 233
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