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The Hangar


The Hangar

Wodonga TAFE identified an opportunity to activate increased use of its existing events and learning space known as ‘The Hangar’. This will be achieved by undertaking this project to upgrade and invest in identified technology and infrastructure that will improve the working and learning environment for both its students and staff alike and continue to build a greater connection with the broader community. 

The project’s key outcome is to identify and deliver the necessary furniture, fitout and equipment required to attract and realise increased usage of the multi-use community events and learning space. 

Strategic Alignment 

The project is strategically aligned with Wodonga TAFE objectives in that it will provide a learning space that will: 

  • encourage students and staff to create, connect and participate in learning communities. 
  • build and maintain productive industry connections and community partnerships.  
  • promote creativity and innovation. 
  • drive collaboration. 
  • provide an environment that empowers its people celebrate our achievements and successes 

Critical Success Factors 

  • Increased capacity and capability to hold, attract and secure multi use events. 
  • ‘Ease of use’ including operation, commercial and booking considerations. 
  • Minimal impact on existing operating budget. 
  • Improved education outcomes for its students. 

The scope of works includes the supply and installation of the following to the existing main events space; 

  • Mobile staging, sound and lighting system. 
  • Layout plan – multiple event types. 
  • Upgrade mechanical service controls. 
  • Acoustic treatment. 
  • Upgrade lighting and electrical controls.  
  • Event furniture including tables, chairs and partitions. 

This project is nearing completion, with only the kitchen and catering facilities still underway. Browse through the imagery to see the new space and it in use!