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Why Wodonga TAFE?

The Wodonga TAFE advantage: great reasons to choose Wodonga TAFE

Wodonga TAFE offers more than just courses - we prepare you for work and for a successful career. Teachers and trainers at Wodonga Institute of TAFE have direct industry experience and maintain close links with industry, so they understand the skills and capabilities that employers really want!

A place for people of any age to achieve their best

Whether you are an early school leaver, a school graduate pursuing a pathway to university, or enabling a mid-life career change, Wodonga TAFE provides a stimulating and vibrant environment to support your learning and ultimate success in your chosen career. Our reputation ensures our graduates have highly-respected and credible qualifications on their resumes.

Flexible options to suit you

Courses at Wodonga TAFE can be designed to suit your needs, so you:

  • enter the workforce more quickly.
  • prepare for or undertake an apprenticeship or a traineeship.
  • upgrade your existing skills with short courses.
  • improve your literacy and numeracy skills through courses in adult education.
  • choose from a range of study options including full-time, part-time, on-the-job, online, or a combination of these.
  • prepare for further studies or studies at a higher level.
  • use a qualification from Wodonga TAFE to start your career while you undertake further study.

Experienced, passionate teachers and trainers

Our teachers and trainers are industry-trained, ensuring current understanding and knowledge of workplace practices. They are passionate about being a part of their students' successes.

Relationships with universities

Wodonga TAFE's key relationships with universities provide our students with guaranteed credits and entry into degree courses following completion of a diploma and or an advanced diploma. TAFE-to-university pathways combine practical, hands-on TAFE training with the academic underpinning knowledge that is provided at university.

Recognition of prior learning and careers advice

Your life skills and experience can be recognised where staff can help you map your valuable experience to a TAFE qualification. This saves you time. No matter what age you are, our professionally-trained careers counsellors can give you the guidance you need to plan your next career move.

Strong industry links

At Wodonga TAFE, we enjoy strong links with businesses throughout our region and beyond. This enables us to provide you with rewarding and relevant learning and work experience opportunities.

A government provider

Wodonga TAFE is partly-funded by the Victorian Government and is a sound organisation. No matter what the economic climate, this Institute will exist in the long-term, offering the best training and learning facilities, career-focused courses, and passionate teachers to this community and beyond.

Satisfied students and employers

Surveys of students, our staff, and employers who use our services, show that people are very satisfied with their experiences of Wodonga TAFE.

In a recent survey, 93 per cent of students said they were satisfied with our overall performance, and 97 per cent of graduates would recommend the training they undertook to others.

What do students love about Wodonga Institute of TAFE?

  • Our courses are relevant to their future.
  • Our teachers make learning interesting.
  • Our teaching facilities provide a real-life work experience.
  • Our environment is friendly and welcoming.
  • Our surroundings are attractive and pleasant.

Why do students come to Wodonga TAFE?

  • To upgrade skills and qualifications.
  • To increase knowledge.
  • To gain training to get a job, or a better job, or to change careers.