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Pathways from school

Educational pathways extend from school through TAFE to university. With multiple entry and exit points to suit your lifestyle needs and career choices, you can start your career with your TAFE qualification and use it to gain credits and entry into a university degree. The combination of TAFE training with university education provides you with practical job-ready skills as well as underpinning academic knowledge.

In Victoria, you can complete your senior secondary education by completing the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), or by completing the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) through a secondary school or through TAFE. Either option leads to further study or employment. Your VCAL studies at Wodonga TAFE may allow you to study accredited units from courses at certificate or diploma levels, which may then be used towards further studies, shortening the time you need to complete your studies.

Youth pathways support

There are many choices when you need to make decisions about further education and careers. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Wodonga TAFE provides many services to help you work out which course to study, and also to help while you are completing your studies.

Our 'Youth pathways' program assists students aged between 15 and 19 years access the resources they need and develop the skills and knowledge to help them move smoothly through their education and into the workforce.

If you are aged between 15 and 19 years and have not completed Year 12 or are not in full-time employment, the 'Youth pathways' program can help you. Please contact Learner Services for more information or to speak with a member of the youth pathways team. Find out more about Youth Pathways at Wodonga TAFE

Pathways to university


'Wodonga TAFE to university' pathways such as 'careerdirect' offer you the opportunity to complete a diploma or an advanced diploma at Wodonga TAFE and continue on to university studies. Our university partnerships enable you to receive credit towards your degree for the studies that you have already completed. Click here for more information about careerdirect.

diploma 2 degree program

Wodonga TAFE is proud to partner with La Trobe University to offer the ‘dual enrolment’ diploma to degree qualifications in Wodonga.

By enrolling in a Wodonga TAFE diploma you will also be enrolled in a La Trobe University degree. This gives you the flexibility to continue onto university studies in a simple and quick process, be supported by the same teachers and lecturers throughout your entire diploma and degree and to continue through the program with your peers. Click here for more information on diploma 2 degree.

CSU Pathway Program 

CSU Pathway Program

Charles Sturt University's Pathway Program is a partnership between CSU and Wodonga TAFE to provide you with guaranteed entry into a CSU degree. 

The program offers a pathway to university for students who would like to study at CSU but do not meet the entry criteria, or require further preparation. The program provides supported learning for recent school leavers.

During the program you will be an enrolled CSU student so you will have full access to both CSU and TAFE services and support, including computer labs, libraries, and other facilities on campus. Visit the CSU website to find out more about the Pathways Program.

CSU Pathway Program