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You never stop learning

If you’ve arrived here, you’re ready for another type of learning. The kind that frees you to choose the knowledge you want to take and shape your future.

You may be a young person who has finished secondary school education, or you’re doing something for you, with the last child off to school. You may be an employee looking to advance your career, or a business manager wanting to up-skill your staff. Perhaps you’re reviewing your options after redundancy, seeking tools to re-enter the workforce. Maybe you’re seeing what course takes your fancy, just because you can.

Study options and support

We know you’ve got other commitments; a life that is full and busy. That’s why many of our courses are flexible, whether that be full-time, part-time, classroom, online or a mix of these.

Our Learner Services team is ready to help you access the many services available specifically to support you while studying. Study advice and counselling services are readily available.

Our highly experienced teachers are passionate about what they do. They’re always thinking of new and exciting ways to teach and train, of how to work with employers and industry, of meeting your needs and matching your goals.

Your success

Every week at TAFE we learn stories about students who have chosen to study with us. We discover where those decisions have led them, and the opportunities they have opened up. So take a moment to imagine where enrolling in one of our courses can take you.

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