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Locations and specialist centres

Wodonga TAFE is much more than just a TAFE in northeast Victoria. Wodonga TAFE is an education provider made up of the multiple businesses, specialist training centres and locations found across Australia, all committed to providing the best educational experiences possible to individual students and industry partners alike. The following information provides a snapshot of Wodonga TAFE and our specialist centres.

Wodonga TAFE

Wodonga TAFE is one of Australia’s leading educational institutes delivering courses across a wide range of industry areas. Wodonga TAFE courses are offered online, within businesses, and at the following campuses:

  • McKoy Street, West Wodonga (our main Campus)
  • Logic Campus at Albertson Road, Barnawartha North 
  • Timber Studies Trades Centre at Brockley Street, Wodonga

Driver Education Centre of Australia (DECA)

The Driver Education Centre of Australia (DECA) is Australia's premier provider of post-licence corporate driver excellence training solutions. With industry-leading programs aimed at minimising fleet operational costs, instilling safety cultures, and heightening driver professionalism, DECA has the capability to deliver training both nationally and internationally. For more information visit the DECA website at

Motorsports Training Australia (MTA)

Motorsports Training Australia (MTA) delivers training that is tailored to the professional motorsport industry. MTA courses are offered at the Logic Campus at Albertson Road, Barnawartha North. For information on MTA courses, visit the course page for Automotive & Motorsports.

Find our locations

For more information on campus locations see the Maps and Resources page.