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Our programs

Early childhood educational programs at Kids on Campus are play-based, and are supported by the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework and current theories and practices. Our programs include:

  • weekly planning and reflection
  • daily journal entries
  • individual children’s developmental observations and journals
  • interviews and ongoing communication
  • school transition.

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We make sure that your children are emotionally and educationally nurtured while they are in our care. We:

  • participate in the Kidsmatter Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative.
  • are part of the Start Right Eat Right nutrition program.
  • prepare and serve nutritious meals and snacks during the day, and have won an award for our balanced menus (we cater for individual dietary needs and our menus are displayed daily).

Our qualified and experienced early childhood staff educate and care for your children. We keep up-to-date with current trends and theories and are dedicated to ongoing professional development.

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Dance lessons

Dance lessons are now held at Kids on Campus for children aged 2.5 years and over, at the centre. Dance lessons are conducted by Border Dance Works. Dance lessons are conducted on a Thursday morning, and are an additional cost to be involved in, with all centre benefits available. 

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