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Struggling to find a great apprentice? Wodonga TAFE may have the solution.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

It seems to be a common issue for many trades from across our region, and the entire country for that matter, that finding quality apprentices can be hard.  Businesses looking to put on an apprentice are well within their rights to expect people that have a good work ethic and are committed to their chosen trade.  Unfortunately in many instances this just isn't reality, resulting in a lot of wasted time and resources for those businesses trying to employ a new apprentice. Wodonga TAFE is helping overcome this challenge, so if you're struggling to find a quality apprentice, we may be able to help.

So what is the solution? At Wodonga TAFE we call them Pre-Apprenticeship programs.

Wodonga TAFE Pre-Apprenticeship programs are certificate II level qualifications that have been specifically developed to provide students with the range of fundamental skills they will need to seamlessly pathway into an apprenticeship. From a skills perspective, what this means is, when they begin their apprenticeship these students already have a good understanding of the real life practical working environment, and the skills needed to begin work. Of course these students will still have more learning to do through their apprenticeship, but what the Pre-Apprenticeship programs have done is given them the fundamental skills to get them started.

What is also particularly valuable about our Pre-Apprenticeship programs is that students are not entering into an apprenticeship completely green. By undertaking the Pre-Apprenticeship program, they can be confident they understand the trade and industry they have chosen, so when they get out into the real world through an apprenticeship, they are more committed, and more likely to successfully complete the apprenticeship.  This is obviously great for employers, by avoiding having to constantly replace apprentices who quit as a result of not knowing what the job is really like.

So how can Wodonga TAFE help businesses?  Well, we can connect businesses with our Pre-Apprenticeship students, so that you can meet, hear about their experiences, what they have learned, and hopefully sign them up as an apprentice.

Interested in hearing from some of our Pre-Apprenticeship students?  Click here to register your details. We'll pass your details on to students so they can contact you and discuss your apprenticeship opportunity.

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