FUSE of Creativity: Student Exhibition & Fashion Show on again in 2019!

Monday, 11 November 2019

Creative students at Wodonga TAFE are once again looking forward to showcasing their works at ‘FUSE’, the upcoming Student Exhibition and Fashion Show. FUSE will be held on campus from 6pm on Thursday 28 November 2019 at The Valleys Restaurant and Building G, with the entire event planned, created, curated and serviced by students.

This annual exhibition of creativity celebrates student achievement and offers the students another opportunity to present their work publicly. The exhibition is a culmination of creativity from a range of creative industries courses, including graphic design, photography, visual arts, fashion design, sound production, hairdressing, interior design, building design, and patisserie. The creative experience will also be well supported by cookery, event management, and hospitality students who have responsibilities for event execution and professional catering.

Static displays of students’ creative output will also be available for viewing for the following week after the event, from Monday 2 December through to Friday 6 December. This enables access for local students who may be considering their own creative options for 2020.  

Creative Industries Team Leader, Ms Theresa Finnimore, said FUSE offered students a 'grand finale' opportunity for those who are coming to the end of their studies and stepping out to take up work opportunities as a creative professional in their chosen industry. “Wodonga TAFE’s creative students develop real connections to their relevant industry through their teachers and the industry visits included in their courses. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to invite our industry colleagues on campus to see more of our facilities and the training side of our relationship whilst enjoying a wonderful evening of creativity.”

FUSE creative exhibition on at Wodonga TAFE, Thursday 28 November 2019



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