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Reconciliation Action Plan

Friday, 31 May 2024

Wodonga TAFE Launches Second Reconciliation Action Plan - Innovate

Wodonga TAFE proudly announces the launch of its second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), "Innovate". Following the success of our inaugural RAP document, "Reflect," launched in October 2020, this new instalment marks a continued commitment to reconciliation and cultural awareness.

A highlight of the "Innovate" launch is the collaboration with Wiradjuri man Mick Bogie, who created the artwork after consultation with our RAP working group to ensure the story represented the outcomes of the RAP journey, the engagement with community and ensuring the cultural safety and inclusiveness of education as a safe space for all, utilising our TAFE colours in his work.

As part of the launch, our Koorie Education Unit (KEU) organised a meeting at our new yarning circle where Board members were invited to participate in traditional activities. This immersive experience allowed them to gain insights into First Nations peoples culture.

In the coming months, the KEU and the RAP group will continue working together to introduce RAP "Innovate" to the wider Wodonga TAFE community. Through interactive sessions in small groups, we aim to foster meaningful conversations and encourage team members to ask questions that promote understanding and respect.

Wodonga TAFE remains steadfast in its commitment to reconciliation and looks forward to further strengthening partnerships and nurturing a culture of inclusivity and diversity within our organisation and beyond.

You can view our RAP Innovate and RAP Reflect documents here: Reconciliation Action Plan (


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