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Support Services at Wodonga TAFE

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Support Services at Wodonga TAFE

Wodonga TAFE’s Support Services is a free service for all our enrolled students.
Our friendly team of highly trained staff is on hand to support you to succeed in your studies. Get in touch if you need help on any aspect of student life with Wodonga TAFE.  

Generalist Counselling 
This free, confidential counselling service is available to all students about any issues or difficulties you may have while you study with Wodonga TAFE. Our counselling staff are highly qualified and experienced and can help you with issues such as: 

  • personal and relationship problems 
  • work-study life balance 
  • health/mental health issues 
  • stress, depression and anxiety 
  • study-related concerns 
  • grief and loss. 

Careers Counselling 
Wodonga TAFE’s experienced Career Counsellors can help you identify your aspirations, skills and goals to work out your dream career, and what it will take to get you there. They can help you with: 

  • Mapping out your career path 
  • making occupational and study decisions 
  • planning career transitions 
  • finding career information 
  • developing job-seeking skills. 

Koorie Education Unit 
The Koorie Education Unit is located on the ground floor of Building W. This is a culturally safe space, set up to support you as a Koorie student on your educational journey with Wodonga TAFE. Here you will find our dedicated team waiting to guide you on your way to the successful completion of your studies. 

The Koorie Liaison Officer (KLO) works to establish effective and positive relationships between Wodonga TAFE and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, local community groups, and service providers. 

The Koorie Student Support Officer (KSSO) is the point of contact for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Wodonga TAFE. The KSSO is responsible for: 

  • student recruitment activities  
  • scholarship program  
  • student enrolment  
  • personal support  
  • Referring students to other support services operating within Wodonga TAFE and across the local community.  

Disability Support 
Wodonga TAFE has a range of services available for students with a disability, mental illness, medical condition, or additional learning needs. Our Disability Liaison Officer can provide the support you need to help you in your education journey. The Disability Liaison Officer can work with you and your teachers to ensure that appropriate strategies are put in place and assist in developing an adjustment strategy for successful learning. 

Apprenticeship Support 
If you are an apprentice aged 15-24 and in the first year of your apprenticeship, our Apprenticeship Support Officer can provide you with support. The Apprenticeship Support Officer provides confidential mentoring and welfare support to address any issues you may have as an apprentice, which can help you to stay engaged during your training and work.  

Student Wellbeing Support 
This free and confidential service is available to you as a student at Wodonga TAFE - with no need to book an appointment. Our Student Wellbeing Officer is available 5 days a week and offers a range of services including: 

  • student enrolment and intake 
  • Food and information about essential services 
  • support for immediate concerns, either study or personal 
  • information or referrals to other support services at Wodonga TAFE and local community services. 

For more information on our Support Services, follow this link.



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