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Wodonga TAFE’s value to the region goes beyond the numbers

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

A commissioned report by independent evaluators goes beyond the hearsay to reflect the true value of Wodonga TAFE to its local community and beyond. Detailed analysis by trusted firm KPMG provides a comprehensive understanding of Wodonga TAFE’s social and economic impact.

CEO of Wodonga TAFE, Mr Phil Paterson, said the Social and Economic Impact Statement (SEIS) report identified key social impact themes interrelated to the direct and indirect economic contribution, demonstrating Wodonga TAFE’s holistic impact on the regional community and economy. “We are very proud of the reported outcomes. The KPMG SEIS report provides us with valuable evidence-based analysis on Wodonga TAFE’s impact on our region and communities”, said Phil.

Wodonga TAFE Board Director Tammy Atkins said, “It is fantastic to be able to highlight the breadth, and capability of Wodonga TAFE, and the value this brings to our communities.

“This validates what we already know to be and is great recognition of our Wodonga TAFE staff who work consistently to ensure our students and community have access to the very best VET opportunities”.

Identified contributions include:

  • Delivering over 200 courses, traineeships, apprenticeships, and non-accredited skillsets to 8000+ learners per year across over 50 industry sectors since its beginnings in 1986, Wodonga TAFE is a trusted regional Victorian TAFE, and employs over 650 staff nationally.
  • Wodonga TAFE was ranked #1 for student recommendation across all Victorian TAFEs in 2021.​75% of responding students said they achieved their training outcomes, with 80% being very satisfied with their training.​
  • With a strong and expanding ADF partnership, Wodonga TAFE is the largest 3rd-party provider for the ADF. Over the period 2012-2021 Wodonga TAFE provided $126M worth of Defence training and support services.
  • In 2020, Wodonga TAFE generated $60M in revenue, driving an estimated $81M in GRP in the Hume region.

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