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Youth Week - Meet Brianna Pullen!

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Meet Brianna Pullen! Recently, Brianna agreed to be the guest speaker at our School Experience Day, a day that gives school students the opportunity to gain knowledge on what Wodonga TAFE has to offer in a hands-on and practical way. Speaking to over 100 of her peers was a big experience for Brianna, and something she did exceptionally well.

Brianna is just at the start of her career journey, currently studying a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance. While she was at school, Brianna participated in various health-based subjects and it was there she found her passion for the health sector. Brianna extended her learning by completing short courses available to her, giving her the chance to gain more knowledge leading into her TAFE qualification. This along with her work experience at various allied health workplaces gave her a good insight into the health sector.

“I was able to dip my toes into everything. I picked out physio and medical imaging as that seemed the best suited to me” Brianna says when discussing the variety of pathways that are available in the health sector.

For Brianna, TAFE involves being on campus for two full days a week, each day focuses on a different subject that looks at different exercises and equipment needed for that specific topic.

“A lot of what we do is putting you in the allied health assistant role and what you would do in that scenario, then bringing it to real life. We would have one on one sessions or group therapy sessions and we would go through that, almost exactly like we were in a health setting.”

Once Brianna has received her Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance, she plans on spending a couple of years being an allied health assistant, gaining experience then going on to University to continue her education.

Hearing about the different pathway options available to young people is so important, ensuring they have all the information on what they can achieve through their education at Wodonga TAFE. We’re very fortunate to have Brianna as a student and look forward to seeing her excel in her education and career.





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