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Wodonga TAFE’s Kids on Campus Early Learning Centre well ahead with initiatives in Kindergarten offerings

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Wodonga TAFE’s Kids on Campus Early Learning Centre welcomed the Victorian government’s recent announcement of the ‘Kinder Tick’ initiative for approved and funded kindergarten programs. Centre Director, Ms Donna Johan, said the team at Kids on Campus Early Learning Centre worked hard to ensure that programming provided to the kindergarten-aged children in the Centre’s care consistently exceeded requirements.

“This new initiative will make it so much easier for families to ensure their children are attending the best programs”, said Donna. “Kids on Campus has proudly supported running a 4-year-old Funded Kinder program for approximately 10 years now. We have certainly seen the benefits and opportunities for the children in setting them up successfully before starting their next journey into school.”

Donna spoke of the team’s vision to ensure that all children who come to Kids on Campus are given the same opportunities to achieve school readiness and to emotionally and socially support their individualism. “We also took the initiative this year and commenced our 3-year-old kinder program prior to the rollout of the Victorian government’s kinder funding for 2022”, continued Donna. “We are a very well-resourced service providing Early Years Programming to all children from ages 0-6 years. Our programs are supported by qualified educators and teachers, with continued improvements in our kinder program and across the Centre of the utmost priority for us.”

The new ‘Kinder Tick’ initiative being rolled out across Victoria will see signage placed on services that deliver kindergarten programs, whether in a long day care setting or a standalone kinder. Only services that meet the following criteria will be eligible to use the Kinder Tick branding:

  • Led by a qualified teacher
  • Provides a play-based learning program
  • Funded by the Victorian Government.


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