Meet Our MTA Students!

Friday, 13 March 2020

Name: Benn Portelli


Age: 32

When and why did you develop an interest in Motorsports?

I grew up watching racing with the family, dad worked on a sports sedan when I was young.

What inspired you to start a motorsports course?

It was the best way to be involved in the industry and have a complete understanding of all components.

Where do you see your future career going? What is your dream for the future?

I hope to work for an international motorsports team and travel the world working with the best drivers, cars and teams.

What’s your favourite category of racing?

Formula 1 and endurance racing.

Favourite car?

McLaren 540C.

Favourite driver?

Daniel Riccardo.

Hobbies outside of motorsports?

Photography, karting & travel.


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