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“They don’t know how much they will improve”

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The logistics sector has come a long way in the past decades. Technology, globalisation and other factors have contributed to its accelerated evolution. In this industry, where delivering the right amount of product at the right time and place is crucial, the pace is almost as fast as its growth.

Himi Patel knows it very well. “Time management and organisational skills are essential in the logistics field. In logistics you need to be very accurate with time” he said.

Himi is currently employed by Riverina Dairy, a local business that manufactures and supplies dairy-based products across Australia. He has been working for the company for the past 5 years and he is responsible for packaging, dispatching, ordering, and picking to name a few.

Himi Patel at Riverina Dairy

The fast-paced environment and the continuous development of the industry were some of the reasons why Himi decided to improve his knowledge and skills. With Riverina Dairy’s support, he commenced the Certificate IV in Logistics at Wodonga TAFE in 2017.

“Riverina dairy also encouraged me to do the course and were very supportive throughout all my studies” he mentioned. “It was easy to combine work, studies and life since the course is offered once a week in the evenings” he continued.

The Certificate IV in Logistics not only provided him with additional skills to further his career but also increased his confidence at work and aligned his knowledge with the current legislation. “The main thing I got from this course is confidence, the way we’re doing things and why we’re doing them. This is the main thing behind studying”.

Himi developed a traffic management plan, which allowed transport to operate safely around the worksite. “I can now implement most of the things I learned straight on the workplace”.

He also highlighted the experience and knowledge of his teachers as well as the practical component of the course. “It’s more practical learning. We have some tasks that have to be done on site” he said.

Andrew Della, Process Improvement Engineer at Riverina Dairy, stated that training improves business’ efficiencies, reduces losses and maximises the outcome. “We believe training and professional development is one of the most valuable tools in keeping staff motivated” he said. “Himi’s training outcome has been very valuable and we’ve seen multiple improvement projects coming from it. We’ve seen benefits in all areas from safety, productivity, traffic management to simple housekeeping” he added.

Himi was seen as an engaging student by his trainers. “He had a wealth of experience and he was a breath of fresh air in the classroom. His discussions were relevant and he was always ready to challenge and question things” said Ian Gilson, one of his teachers during the course.

Himi encouraged everyone interested in or working in this field to study the Certificate III or IV in Logistics. “They don’t know how much they will improve” he pointed out. “In this particular area, you can find many opportunities” he added.  


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