Wodonga TAFE supports augmented reality app, bringing online learning to life.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Wodonga TAFE’s - in partnership with RMIT University and Sunraysia Institute of TAFE on The Centre for Digital Enterprise (C4DE) - is excited to announce the launch of XR LearnHub, the first augmented reality (AR) tool of its kind.

C4DE was created to help support both city and regional businesses by using smart technologies to support expert workforce training delivery in the workplace.
With the launch of XR LearnHub, the AR learning platform provides students with the opportunity to encompass realistic scenarios, making learning more engaging and fun. Specifically designed for workplace training and vocational education, the goal of this app is to help students master the practical skills that are required for real life work through AR technology.

“The fantastic thing about the first lot of learning materials available on XR LearnHub is that you can place a small multi-axial lathe machine on your kitchen table, or even a life sized one in your backyard, and start interacting with virtual CNC machinery.” Says Sharon Naldrett, Wodonga TAFE Senior Educator or Pathways and partnerships.

“This is a game changer for engineering students who don’t have immediate access to CNC equipment or want to study in their own time. It also provides students with a chance to familiarise themselves with the machinery, learning basic safety requirements prior to using an actual CNC machine.”

 XR LearnHub is simple to use, with the ability to transform a scenario with the tap of a button, it requires no additional technical equipment and is free to use. The aim of the project is to bridge the gap between online and practical learning, housing a variety of experiences to complement course units.

Find out more about XR LearnHub here.

XR LearnHub is now available on the iOS store. Download now and get started!



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