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Certificate III in Horticulture: Show winners for 'prepare specialised plants' class!

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Wodonga TAFE's Certificate III in Horticulture students had a number of winning entries in the Albury Horticultural Society’s Horticulture competition at the Albury Show last month. The students were also lucky enough to have the competition count as part of an assessment for the ‘Prepare specialised plants’ class. 

Students entered planted collections across three different categories in the show: Recycled containers (entered by the entire class), Hanging baskets in bloom, and Container of succulents. The students also helped prepare a number of plants for the floral and foliage awards, where a number of awards were won.

Lorraine, Wodonga TAFE's Horticulture trainee, came second with her entry in the 'Recycled Container' category. Lorraine spoke about some of the processes they had to go through to get to the plants ready for the competition, "Two months ago we started preparing the plants - we had planted them straight into our selected recycled container. Each week we maintained and trimmed off old flowers from the plant, which helps promote new growth and makes them bush up more. Finally, a week before the show, we fed them potassium, which helps again promote flower growth."

Another Horticulture student, Monique, won a number of awards on the day, also taking out overall winner, first for 'Recycled Container', 'Kangaroo Paw', and 'Best Exhibit', as well as second in 'Hanging Baskets'. Monique said that winning made her want to enter again and was what keeps her motivated to keep promoting horticulture. "It’s fantastic to see more people getting interested and involved in horticulture, especially so many young faces!", said Monique. "Having community gardens around help to improve community connections can be a great way to learn more about horticulture, or just to make a start. Horticulture is an amazing career choice, or hobby - there are so many likeminded people around the local area, so you’re always finding someone who is able to give you a few tips.”

Another successful student, Macka, won second prize in the 'Container of Succulents' category with his selection of mixed succulents. Macka said, “I’ve loved this year, I couldn’t have chosen a better course and the time has flown by much quicker than I have wanted! I’m very glad I took up this free TAFE opportunity. I’m hoping to keep living around the Albury/Wodonga region, I love how inter-connected with nature the area is and it just feels right."

And student Cortney, who won in the Hanging Baskets category said that she was really proud to have a win! "My basket was filled with petunia, violas, marigolds, lobelia, and I used lettuce and mint to fill gaps."

Cortney went on to say she had really enjoyed the course. "I would recommend to anyone with a general interest in gardening to get involved and sign up to a course! I had been 'umming and ahhing' about signing up for a while, when I saw the free TAFE opportunities, which has made it more accessible and definitely worthwhile to take the plunge. I’m hoping to create my own market garden in the future."

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