Make sure you’re living your best life with a Fitness gap year!

Monday, 25 November 2019

Stay local, study local – get a qual in Fitness that can get you work anywhere you want to be - set yourself up with an income while you chase your dreams of travel and play.

With recently revised pricing to make sure you’re still getting the best value for your money, and with free support included when you study at Wodonga TAFE – you can be sure you’re ahead of the Fitness pack!

To make sure you get the best start in your Fitness career in 2020, you’ll be gaining a qualification that’s industry-standard and nationally recognised – all set to launch your career in Fitness.

You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience in the Fitness industry when you study with Wodonga TAFE – with the facilities of Fitness partner 'PT Fitness Private Studio' available for access throughout your course schedule. Your experience can take you straight to the workforce when you complete your qual, with many Wodonga TAFE students having a job in the Fitness industry before they even leave their final class!

You’ll also have the best of the best with Wodonga TAFE’s Fitness teachers who are industry qualified and experienced – and are current fitness professionals in their own right – with their own niche in the Fitness industry. 

And did we mention support while you study Fitness at Wodonga TAFE? As part of the quality services provided across the TAFE sector, you’ll have access to specialist support services to help you achieve your goals. These services are available to all students that study at Wodonga TAFE, and include academic support, counselling services, disability support, and so much more.

So find your best self with a Fitness career that begins at Wodonga TAFE! #loveyourtafe

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