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Wodonga TAFE's Solar Initiative is now online!

Monday, 7 October 2019

Wodonga TAFE has completed the installation of 600 kilowatts of rooftop solar panels (1584 panels total) across its McKoy Street campus, TAFESpace and Logic Centre facilities  to reduce environment impact. The solar panels have officially been turned on and are already significantly reducing Wodonga TAFE’s carbon footprint.

In partnership with Mondo Power, Cherry Energy Solutions and Procurement Australia, the solar panel system will supply approximately 30% of the campus’ daily power and reduce emissions by close to 1 million kilograms per annum. The use of Mondo’s innovative Ubi devices to share power across micro-grids allows the disbursement of power usage across the campus and the potential for future community power generation in partnership with other community organisations such as Renewables Albury Wodonga (RAW). The Ubi devices also allow monitoring information to be displayed throughout the campus and publically on the Institute website, demonstrating the realtime benefits of using renewable energy.

Wodonga TAFE recently won the Sustainability Procurement Award from Procurement Australia, recognising organisations that have developed and implemented significant sustainability policies and processes to reduce overall carbon emissions, the conservation of energy and protection of the environment.

“This investment by Wodonga TAFE into renewable energy brings with it a number of benefits for the institute, its students and the broader community. Our partnership with Mondo involves the exploration of new technologies building capabilities in sustainable energy platforms and renewable energy”, said Phil Paterson, CEO of Wodonga TAFE.

“Our partnerships with Mondo, Cherry Energy Solutions and Procurement Australia also allowed us to utilise and invest in local businesses within the Hume region to implement the solar energy project. Further, we’ve finalised on-the-ground industry research into workforce capability and skill needs in the renewable sector, providing a great blueprint for training and employment opportunities within the Hume region.”

This investment will not only be a key driver of future financial sustainability for Wodonga TAFE, but also supports government policy to protect the environment, drive efficiencies within Public Sector organisations and reduce environmental impacts.


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