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Wodonga TAFE's Kevin Albert Wins VAEAI 2019 Wurreker Teacher/Trainer Award

Friday, 20 September 2019

Wodonga TAFE Horticulture teacher, Kevin Albert, has been recognised for his commitment to the local Aboriginal community by being awarded the 2019 Wurreker Teacher/Trainer Award by the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI).

Held annually, the Wurreker Awards recognise and celebrate achievements made by individuals, organisations, and training providers, and are an important part of VAEAI’s approach to growing success in Koorie education and training. Wodonga TAFE’s Chief Executive Officer, Phil Paterson, said “This award recognises the work Kevin and Wodonga TAFE have put into building ongoing relationships with the Aboriginal community, government departments and community organisations, to promote education and employment pathways.”

As highlighted by Kevin’s success, he has worked as part of a group partnership project, with Wodonga Council, Burraja, Gateway Health, Victorian State Government Justice and Community Safety Department, Wodonga Aboriginal Network and Wodonga TAFE’s Engineering, Fabrication and Welding team to complete the Burraja Bush Tucker Garden project. This project formed an integral part of Victorian State Justice and Community Safety Department’s rehabilitation program.

The project stayed true to its Aboriginal heritage, with all plants being culturally important, and a sandpit constructed with the garden to pass on the skills of animal tracking. Throughout the course of the project, Kevin noted that a number of participants were inspired to find out more about their own culture and to ensure that they passed on knowledge to their children for the future.

“It has been very rewarding seeing participants gaining skills they can utilise, as well as the satisfaction they got from being a part of the garden creation. It’s amazing to see how the area has transformed.”

Kevin further added, “It’s nice to win an award and get recognition personally, but to me it’s more about the project. It’s about what it meant to the participants and their outcomes. It’s also great recognition of the work done by so many community groups and organisations. For us to come together and make this project come to fruition is really great and I look forward to what opportunities it can create in the future.”

You can find out more about the project here: Burraja Bush Tucker Garden


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