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Friday, 23 August 2019

Believe it or not, LinkedIn has been around longer than most other social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, even Facebook or YouTube. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that gives users the ability to have an online resume and, if kept up to date and used properly, can connect you with professionals in your chosen industry all over the world.  It’s a simple way to create networks and ensure your name and skillset are out there in the job market. It’s simple to use, easy to update so why doesn’t everyone have a LinkedIn profile?

A personal LinkedIn page acts like an online resume, with opportunities to include your skillset, employment history, education, interest, and so much more. With news feeds similar to that of Facebook – but much more professional - LinkedIn can keep you up to date with a company’s news and operations, give you an insight into a company you may be interested in working for and possibly connect you with employees within that company.

So how does LinkedIn work? Like all other social media platforms, there is an algorithm involved. The LinkedIn system prioritises personal connections based around your interest which is where the articles and posts come from on your home page.
The biggest difference from the LinkedIn system to other social media platforms is that LinkedIn takes into consideration your personal connections, meaning people you, your friends, or friends of friends have had contact with.

LinkedIn also takes into consideration the user interaction. Interaction is the key to any social media platform, so LinkedIn looks at the likelihood that you will share, comment or react to a post based on your past engagement and puts those posts in your feed.

So is it really necessary to have a LinkedIn profile?
LinkedIn gives recruiters an insight to your interests without the use of a generic resume. It can also boosts your search engine ranking, meaning that it will be one of the first things to come up when recruiters google your name. This alone is a good reason to have a LinkedIn account, even if you’re not an active user.
It gives you the opportunity to connect with those you used to work with, or find out what it takes to get to your dream position within an organisation.
And, it gives you the opportunity to network without ever having to leave your computer!
With the way it works, it shows you what other people in your industry are interested in and creates a talking point with them. After all, if they know your name now, they might take a second look at your resume if it comes along their desk.

To sum it all up, it is important to have a LinkedIn account, even if you’re not an active user. It’s worth taking an hour every few months to update your profile, accept a few connections and build your network. Being an active user will give you an insight to professionals in your industry, create talking points and encourage you to network and possibly give you an advantage over others in the market.
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