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Enrich your life with Horticulture!

Friday, 26 July 2019

How can Horticulture enrich your life? Hear what some of our students have to say about it!

The Certificate III in Horticulture is a fantastic course for both the career aspiring and hobbyists alike.

With units that teach specific skills in such things as weed and pest control, soil improvements and learning about plants and the culture’s they thrive in, you can be sure you will be well versed in managing and maintaining beautiful gardens and lawns.

Studied as either a stand-alone course or as a traineeship in line with employment, you will be gaining hands on-practical experience, often working on the beautiful Wodonga TAFE grounds.

We spoke to Ngyrie, Matt, Olan and Macka, of the current Certificate III in Horticulture course to get a realistic view on the study and how it is benefiting them for their goals.

Why did you choose to study horticulture?

Ngyrie – I love nature, particularly pants and gardening. I wanted to develop my current skills and learn more about the industry.

Macka - I love plants and the idea of working in gardens. I enjoy seeing the regeneration and growth of plants and seeing how we can assist.

Olan – I was always curious in learning more about plants, insect’s and soil, plus I’ve always enjoyed working outside.

Matt – I am the same the other guys, have always been interested in plants and nature and wanted to learn it formally.


Is this a career pathway change for you? What lead you to this decision?

Ngyrie – Yes, I’m moving away from my background of working in early childhood. I’ve always enjoyed the peacefulness associated with working with plants and I feel the industry suits my personality.

Macka – Nope, having just finished high school last year I’m hoping this will be a long term career for me.

Olan – Yes, I’ve always worked in physical labour industries, as I’ve started to get older I wanted to get away from heavy lifting and move into hands-on work that I can do well into the future.

Matt – Yes, I was a qualified upholster. I felt that the horticulture industry suits me more, and I feel it will be easier in the future for me to begin my own business than other industries.


Why did you choose to study at Wodonga TAFE?

Ngyrie – I moved to Wodonga fairly recently, so the location suits me well

Macka – Although I’m not from the local area, I boarded at a school in Albury, so I know the local region well, having the option to stay on residence certainly helped make the decision for me.

Olan – I live just outside of Mt Beauty, so Wodonga TAFE’s location played a large role in my decision. Having access to FREE TAFE opportunities made the course a lot more accessible.

Matt – The free TAFE opportunity really made my decision a lot easier, plus living locally in Wodonga.


What would you consider a highlight of your study experience?

Ngyrie – Being with likeminded individuals who have similar passions has really made the course for me. The experience the staff have and their ability to pass the skills on is incredible.

Macka – I love the balance between theory and practical work. Going between learning the theory in class to completing it in a practical environment is so great.

Olan – Everything about the course is eye opening! Even walking down the street now I notice so much more about the plants/trees, and I feel I take more time to appreciate the beauty.

Matt – I’ve really enjoyed the practical side, along with how willing our teachers are at passing on their knowledge, it shows their deep passion for the industry.


Are there any factors that help make your experience at Wodonga TAFE a good one?

Ngyrie – the Teachers have an actual passion for the industry, which comes across in their teaching. For me, having free access to the library has been essential to completing the course so far, as I don’t have internet access at home.

Macka – The facilities we have are incredible; It’s been great to see throughout the year to witness the plants we have cared for, end up being planted around the campus.

Olan –  The whole class and crew are fantastic, the atmosphere is thoroughly enjoyable and the knowledge the teachers have in industry is incredible!

Matt – I think the facilities are great and the atmosphere the class has is always positive and supportive.


Are there any challenges regarding balancing study with life and work?

Ngyrie – Balancing study and work has been a challenge, the course flexibility certainly helps as I am unable to attend the course for 3 days a week due to work commitments.

Macka – I’m able fit everything together well due to my current circumstances, the course structure makes it easier to balance.

Olan – To be successful in the class I’ve had to make some sacrifices, and have to work hard outside of class to keep on top of the content.

Matt – Content-wise, there isn’t too much of challenge for me, how we cover the content in class certainly helps.


What advice would you give to future students considering to study horticulture?

Ngyrie – If you’re passionate about the outdoors or enjoy plants, just jump into it and do it!

Macka – Definitely do it, you meet lots of great people in the course and it has a great atmosphere

Olan – If you’re curious about the industry, just get into it, there’s lots of flexibility with the course if you can’t complete it in a year and the free TAFE opportunity is great, you can’t lose!

Matt – If you’re interested in the industry go for it, you won’t regret it and will learn skills that will be useful long into the future.


What aspects of horticulture excite you the most and why?

Ngyrie – I enjoy being practical and getting my hands dirty, the course has increased my knowledge of plants

Macka – Pruning and propagation certainly interest me, as I like seeing the outcome of the work we complete

Olan – Food industry, to begin with I thought I had more of an interest in soils but this has changed. How we grow, store and ship food interests me and brings it back to a community level.

Matt – Propagation and looking after plants, I want to help develop more natural landscapes.


Why do you think this industry is important for society?

Ngyrie – Its good for mental health, you get to learn more about the natural world that surrounds us.

Macka – Horticulture is all around us, I enjoy the focus on improving and developing that comes with horticulture

Olan – The proximity to food; I want to develop local food options to bring people together

Matt –  We need plants for all aspects of life, I think it’s important for everyone to grasp the benefit that plants give.


What’s your next step once you finish your studies?

Ngyrie – I want to move into permaculture farming, which focuses on using the correct plants for the climate, and using plants and animals to protect each other rather than pesticides and chemicals. This is going to be both a career and a cultural change for me that I’m very excited about.

Macka – I’m hoping to get a job in a nursery or similar in industry through networking connections I make during the course.

Olan – I’m currently working on my plan for the future, I am not 100% sure which direction I want to take with it just yet.

Matt – I want to get straight into working in the industry, hopefully at a local nursery.

Enrolments are open for the next intake of  Certificate III in Horticulture! With the lessons beginning 4 September and course numbers filling quick dont miss your opportunity to  pursue your passion. Contact our enrolments team on 1300 698 233 or click the following link to learn more about the course! 


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