Forklift Licence - The opportunity awaits…

Friday, 12 July 2019

If you are looking for an interesting operational role with good job prospects, then we can help! A forklift licence can open up opportunities for employment; whether you are wanting to earn some money during a gap year, or are looking for new employment opportunities, this licence will give you a fantastic foothold in industry.

Manufacturing and logistics companies are always in need of new staff, with over 17% of Wodonga’s population working across manufacturing, transport & warehousing industries (Wodonga Economic Indicators, 2018-2019) there are always opportunities available. Completing a forklift licence course gives you a tool, that is useable and relevant across the whole of Australia, with forklift operators being required across all manufacturing, supply chain and transport industries, including:

  • Air and Maritime operations
  • Road and Rail operations
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing

Correct training is imperative to ensuring the safety of everyone working in close proximity to a forklift. Students completing our forklift courses learn to safely operate counter balance forklifts in a simulated warehouse environment, whilst being trained by industry experts with years of experience. Students learn important safety procedures including:

  • Pre-start up inspection practices
  • Safe manual handling of a variety of products
  • Safe operation of forklifts and driving techniques
  • Forward and reverse operations
  • Loading operations

Skilled and safe forklift operators are highly sought after in industry, and play an important role in ensuring business operations success. With courses available at both our Logic site (Barnawartha North) and Shepparton, if you’re looking to getting a forklift licence, or want to refresh your skills before starting a new role then click the following link to read about all our short course options available to suit the warehousing and logistics industries:


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