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Being truck aware on our busy roads

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Transport NSW has released a new campaign about being truck aware on their roads. They have created interesting videos that highlight just some of the main issues that arise for truck drivers when behind the wheel or large vehicles.

As Wodonga TAFE is dedicated to training high skilled, competent truck drivers through our Transport and Logistics Department, we thought we would list a few things you can do, to help truck our drivers conduct their jobs in a safe and supportive environment.


1. Always keep your eyes open when walking across the road

This means removing your ear phones, putting your phone in your pocket and keeping your head up and your eyes peeled!


2. Learn where a truck driver’s blind spots are and be aware when you are in one (one of Transport NSW videos shows a great example of this. Link below.)

Truck drivers cannot always see you, even if you think you are well in their line of vision. Being well versed in the blind spots will help you to be a safer driver around them.


3.  Give them respect when they are merging

If a truck is merging onto a highway or into a road, if it is safe to do so for you, slow down and let them in or move across to the left lane if you can. Showing this respect for a truck driver is important, they are driving big and heavy vehicles and often it is easier for a smaller vehicle to move then it is for them.


4. Let them enter and exit a double lane roundabout on their own.

Some larger trucks have to go through small roundabouts. Always be mindful that a truck, especially a long truck, needs both lanes of a two lane roundabout to get through safely. So if you are driving in a two lane road next to a truck and approach a roundabout, slow down and let them go through separately.


5. Give a truck driver plenty of notice if you are going to be slowing down.

A B-double truck for example, travelling at 60km/h can take up to 67 metres to stop. So you can imagine if they’re travelling faster than that, they need some warning if you are going to be slowing down in front of them.


Everyone needs to play a part in staying safe on our roads, so whether you are driving, riding a bike, walking or on a motorcycle always remember to ‘Be Truck Aware.’

You can view the Transport NSW videos and campaign here.

Always feel free to contact our Transport and Logistics department if you want to find out what sort of careers or training you can have in relation to the trucking industry. Call 1300 698 233 or visit



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