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Are you thinking about starting a course mid-year?

Monday, 17 June 2019

We've collated a few of the most common reasons why someone might want to undertake study mid-year. 

  • Simply, is it the perfect time for you - right now? Take the opportunity now, seize the day! Step out and find that course you’re interested in and get in touch to find out more... apply, and get on your way!


  • Do you want to do something for yourself? Are you up to your ears in caring duties? Are you keen to add to the mix? Sometimes it’s now or never. If your children or caring responsibilities have their own routine at school or care during the day, it’s possible that now’s the time for you to focus on your own new start. 


  • Do you want to follow your dream before it gets away? Take the first step - talk to our career counsellors (a free service) to find out about your options - and apply for your course now!


  • Do you need a change to push you into something new? Are the winter blues getting to you? A midyear start on a course can get you considering new options and new challenges…


  • Is your gap year well and truly over and something needs to change? If you’ve been working after year 12 or if you decided not to go to uni earlier on, or you’ve just now decided to try your hand at getting back into study, then midyear is perfect for you.


  • Have you lost your focus? Do you think your new year’s resolution has well and truly worn off, and are you looking for a way to re-energise your outlook on your current job? What about a boost to your skills with a short course to reinvigorate yourself, or you could find a course that you can fit in around work commitments to create a path to a new role or a new career!


So make mid-year your time for change! Talk to us about your options and take it from there…


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