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HOW TO: Stay focused on your study goals in the cold, wet winter (when all you really want to do is binge netflix and eat bulk comfort food)

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

It’s the second half of first semester already, which means two things. 1. You’re almost halfway through your studies, well done! And 2… It’s getting really, really cold.

With winter now officially settled in and the days getting colder and wetter, sometimes amongst all the shivering and fog breathing it’s hard to remember why you’re dragging yourself out of bed to chip away at your study plan and focus on assessment submissions.

So we thought we would compile a hot (pardon the pun) list of proven tactics to help keep you on the straight and narrow study path. (hint: this does not include curling into the foetal position under your doona for the next 3 – 4 months)


Find a warm and cosy ‘study nook’ on campus

If you study on campus, you will find that there are some lovely, heated and cosy little areas a student might be able to hole up in for a few hours of peaceful study. The David Mann Library over at La Trobe University (which you have full access to as a student of Wodonga TAFE) has lots of space and natural light (not to mention some snack machines for the little energy kicks) that you can hole up in for a long as you like!*

Here at our own TAFE campus you will find LIRNspace in upper building A has a whole room of computers, as well as tables around the space that you can use, set up your laptop and bring your favourite mug from home and call it your own little study-office.

*David Mann Library open hours are… perhaps when we say stay as long as you like, you might like to leave prior to.. just so you don’t get mistaken for a knowledge thief and set off all the alarms.


Stock up on healthy snacks and make bulk warm meals!

Nothing gets makes the brain primed like a burst of natural, wholesome energy. Go to the supermarket and grab some ingredients to make a protein and veggie packed soup. Basic ingredients like pumpkin, lentils, sweet potato, wholegrain pasta – all combine together to make amazingly filling soups that can be teamed with some chicken or tofu for protein and coupled with a sourdough roll for extra contentment. Make a bulk amount and freeze it into portions. Cheap snacks include grabbing some popcorn kernels and DIY’ing a tasty treat for yourself, or even check out the health food aisle for some cheap healthy snacks options. And don’t forget fruit, bananas are a good one in winter because they’re nutritious and filling and nuts are fantastic to keep on hand for those ‘need a snack’ moments.


Get organised to be WARM and DRY

Grab an umbrella and keep it in your car, find a big lined jacket or coat to wrap yourself in and if you are a lover of boots, get a pair that you can wear warm socks under and will keep your feet nice and dry on the sprint from car to campus.

It can be cold and windy around Wodonga TAFE’s campus in the winter. Look for our student lounge areas and take your frozen soup to heat up in the student microwave. Make a cup of tea to have with your healthy snack or visit our canteen for a nice, hot barista-made coffee.

By making sure you are comfortable and well-nourished in the winter months, you will find that your motivation to study doesn’t decrease with the lowering of the degrees. Looking after your health and wellbeing is paramount to ensuring success in your chosen studies. If you need a little more help to stay focused and on track, more so then this awesome list can provide, please remember there are a plethora of people around campus who will go out of their way to assist you. Visit the friendly folk at customer engagement and let them know what you need, they will certainly be able to team you up with one of our qualified careers and study counsellors who are highly trained and expert at getting students through the challenges the face during studies.





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