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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

As a provider of quality training to the retail sector, Wodonga TAFE has many years of experience working with retailers and local business, providing accredited training and customised workforce solutions to meet the needs of the industry, both locally and interstate.

The long-time model of retail is under considerable pressure from a number of factors, including an expansion of shopping centres and ‘big box’ retailers. Combined with an increase in online shopping and buy-now-pay-later schemes, this has challenged traditional retailers’ already thin margins.

As these changes have pushed throughout the retail sector, Wodonga TAFE has stepped up to the challenge, seeking government funding to conduct extensive consultation and research throughout the local community, and with retailers and businesses across Australia. The in-depth knowledge gained from the research project was then the impetus for Wodonga TAFE to join forces with retail partners, and build a solution that would support retailers and their businesses as they adapted and responded to the changes in their industry.

Wodonga TAFE, together with its retail partners, is very proud to present ‘Retail Connection’, a retail-centric networking and learning web portal that will be available exclusively to business members.

Retail Connection aims to give business members 24/7 access to current and relevant training and information to support the retail industry, to enable businesses to be more competitive in both local and international markets, to increase their productivity and efficiency, to maintain and grow their profitability in the face of global changes, and to continue in business as a significant and valuable contributor to the Australian economy.

A Pilot Program from the Retail Connection suite is now available to businesses as a limited opportunity to access free training*. The program offers participating businesses full access to a complete module ‘Emerging Leaders in the Retail Sector’ which is designed to build your business to be a leader in the contemporary retail environment.

The involvement of your business in Retail Connection’s ‘Emerging Leaders in the Retail Sector’ Pilot Program will give your business access to a range of workshops, webinars, and interactive forums across topics aimed solely at improving your business and maintaining its resilience in the face of change.

We invite you to take up this exciting opportunity and join our Pilot Program.

Get in touch now to find how your business can be a part of Retail Connection’s exciting FREE Pilot Program on 1300 698 233 or contact our customer service team at


*Participation in Retail Connection’s ‘Emerging Leaders in the Retail Sector’ and associated free training is dependent on your agreement to participate in an evaluation of the Pilot Program.






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