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VCAL Students Practise Interview Skills

Monday, 20 May 2019

In light of Education Weeks ‘Celebrating Careers’ theme, last week our VCAL students were given the opportunity for practicing their panel interview skills. This was set up to assist the students in gaining experience in real world panel interviews they are likely to face when they begin on their career path at the conclusion of their studies.

Prior to these taking place, students felt extremely intimidated and unsure of what to expect when it came to applying and interviewing for jobs they were hoping to get.

Three TAFE teachers were set up by pathways staff as an ‘interview panel’ with a set list of questions to ask the students that covered three key areas; what their experience as a VCAL student is, their current work skills and how they have developed through their studies, as well as personal development questions to further accentuate their understanding of who they are and who they want to be. The panel interviews were conducted exactly as they would be in the real world, with students being given a designated time slot and having to prepare themselves for the session.

Wodonga TAFE’s Pathways Officer, Trina Judge, was one of the panellists and believed the students got so much out of the experience, with the benefits extending beyond just those interviews.

“All students who were interviewed did so well and really felt they had learnt from the experience,” she explained, “upon conclusion of the interviews they were all referred to Wodonga TAFE’s Skills and Jobs HQ to sit down with one of the supportive career counsellors who assisted them with writing up their resumes.”

“I think this was a fantastic learning experience for the VCAL students and it is something we will continue to include in the VCAL classes for them to take advantage of in future.”

VCAL students themselves were equally positive of the experience with current student Harrison, taking the opportunity for a practice panel interview and have his resume professionally written. “I feel like I have so much more confidence in myself now that I have had the practice of a panel interview. I have never been in an interview before so it was good to understand how they work and have an idea on what to expect when I apply for jobs.”

“I have a lot more confidence in myself now.”

All the students have a general idea about where they want to be in future, with one student, Lucy, saying she wants to explore opportunities in either hair and beauty or veterinary science upon concluding her studies.

“I had no idea what I was supposed to do or say at first, but now I feel a lot more confidence and I’m excited about applying for the jobs in the future.”

Equally excited was student (who preferred not to be named), already being a member of the army cadets, wants to potentially go through a Diploma of Nursing to give him a launch pad to further study to follow his dream career of being a combat medic.

VCAL students at Wodonga TAFE are given many tools and opportunities to further themselves in areas where they may have felt they were behind in following the traditional VCE journey. The supportive and inclusive learning environment aims to let students build up their confidence at a rate that is comfortable for them, providing a chance for them to truly shine.

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