New Cranes for Relevant Industry Training

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Two brand new 2018 Tadano Hydraulic Slew cranes have been added to the assets list of the Transport and Logistics Department at Wodonga TAFE. With one being a mobile slewing crane with a lifting capacity of 13 tonnes. Second being a truck mounted slewing crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tonne. Both cranes are the most modern available, with the latest technologies in cranes available within Australia. This is equipment is what is used in industry.

For corporate industries looking to upgrade their employees crane and dogging skills or offer training in crane operations, this is the perfect solution for them.

“The additions of these cranes have allowed us to take on new trainers and assessors directly from the industry, which provides us the opportunity to ensure the most relevant training,” Steven Lillis, Wodonga TAFE Warehousing, Civil Construction and OH&S Team Leader says.

Andrew Keady, Teacher of Civil Construction adds, “the most exciting thing, is that now our training is taking on a higher quality and the skills acquired are able to get students competent in crane and dogging operations faster.”

Now that there are two industry standard cranes at Wodonga TAFE, there is the opportunity to take on more corporate bookings than ever before, offering more training, more often.

Wodonga TAFE currently offers dogging, crane (CB) bridge & Gantry, non (CN) slew crane, C2 up to 20 tonnes, vehicle mounted crane (CV) and now with the 30 tonne Tadano can offer C6 up to 60 tonne crane licensing. These are and will be available for corporate bookings, which further expands the opportunities offered to businesses looking to become more current in this ever growing industry.

The civil construction department at Wodonga TAFE have happily welcomed new trainer, Rick Kaiser who has over 35 years of relevant industry experience. Having been a trainer/assessor since 1998, he has worked in the resource mining industry as well as building and construction, so he brings a wealth of experience and high level knowledge of rigging, scaffolding, dogging and crane training.

For corporate bookings please contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 698 233. Or for more information of the courses on offer in the civil construction department, visit our website








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