Skills Recognition


Skills recognition

Skills recognition is a formal assessment process that measures your skills and knowledge from previous study, training, work, or life experiences against the outcomes of the course in which you want to enrol. If your skills are recognised in this way, you do not have to undertake training in areas where you are already competent. You save time when existing skills are formalised against a qualification. You get the credit you deserve!

Ways that your skills can be recognised

  • Credit transfer (CT) applies to formal study that you have already completed through a school, university, institute of TAFE, or other registered provider of vocational education and training programs.
  • Recognition of current competency (RCC) means that you may need to be re-assessed against a qualification you already have, to make sure that your competence is current. This is particularly relevant for licensing authorities.
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) acknowledges that people learn in many different ways and that learning may have been obtained through a combination of education, training, work, and/or life experiences. Your skills, training, and experiences are assessed against the requirements of the course in which you enrol.

Skills recognition provides the following:

For the client/learner

  • Discussion about the RPL process and opportunities and suitability for RPL
  • An opportunity for a self assessment against a course at Wodonga TAFE
  • Course information to prospective learners.

For business

  • Discussion about how RPL can fast-track training and save time and money for the business.


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