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Free Workshops



Free Workshops

Our Skills and Jobs Centre offer a wide range of FREE workshops aimed at helping you realise your employability, learn to recognise your skills and prepare for job applications or interviews.

Resume Writing

A resume is your marketing tool, a summary of your education, skills and experience with the goal of securing an interview.
This workshop will cover; types of resumes, do's and don'ts, content, layout, skills, qualities and writing a career objective (summary).

Job Seeking Strategies​

Tips and ideas on how to look for work in the local area! 
How to effectively manage job hunting and to keep going; develop brainstorming skills, goal setting, and time management. How to interact with employers, deal with rejection and gain recipes for success.

Cover Letters & Key Selection Criteria

Learn about the effective ways on how to address key selection criteria when applying for a position with our FREE Zoom workshop!
Learn how to highlight skills, attributes, experiences and education that the employer has identified as being essential or desirable for satisfying the requirements of the job. As well as how to present this information in your job application.

Over 45 & Looking for Work

 A self-exploration process of your skills, value and career aspirations.
Go through a self-awareness process, and (re) discover your skills, values personality, and point of difference and how that may ‘all fit’ for future employment opportunities, in a similar or different industry sector.

My First Job

We'll step you through what you need to know, before you start work and while you're at work. *Must be 15 years of age or older to attend this workshop.
You will have the opportunity to learn all about the essentials for your first steps into the workforce including:

  • Essentials for job applications
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Your rights in the workplace
  • Tips and tricks for job seeking
Resilience - Finding the balance

Life is not always smooth sailing. Looking for & maintaining employment can be a challenge.
In this Workshop you'll learn key strategies to excel in a working environment & find the perfect Work-Life Balance.

Interview Preparation

You've got the Interview...Now get the job!
In this Workshop you'll learn about the different types of Interviews, how to prepare for each one & strategies to answer the questions employers love to ask.

Career Values

Career values represent the beliefs you have about what’s important in the work you do.
Often when we look for work, we think about and take into consideration, our skills, experience and qualifications. Ever thought about your career values or even know what they are? Career values represent the beliefs you have about what’s important in the work you do.


 Learn how to identify your employability, transferable, technical, specialist and motivated skills.

You are Employable

This workshop will take you through the road to employment, including how to identify your qualities and strengths and ow to manage your time effectively.

Taking Control of Your Job Seeking

This workshop will go through how to remain positive your job search, the who, what and why of job searching, the least and most effective ways of job seeking, and more!

Career Changers

This workshop will take you through the steps you can take in changing your career.  You will be able to identify what type of career changer you are and the steps and actions you need to take to make the change.

Employer Expectations & Workplace Behaviours

Gain an understanding on what employers expect from their employees in the workplace – what behaviours are OK.  How to manage and take on constructive feedback in the workplace.

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