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Reconnect Program

skills first reconnect prograM

The Skills First Reconnect program is designed to help people turn their life around for the better and to assist them into training and employment. Teaming up with a mentor, you are assisted with developing a plan to help you reach your goals, gain motivation and possibly enrol into study and find employment. 


What do we do to help?

  • Work closely with you to determine your goals whilst looking at your strengths and interests
  • Help you develop a plan to overcome barriers you face and deal with whatever it is that's holding you back
  • Provide individual help and ongoing support to assist you to achieve your goals and problem solve if issues arise
  • Help you if you are struggling with confidence to take the first step
  • Access extra support that you may require, including careers counselling, job seeking services, reading and writing skills
  • Assistance with paying training fees for approved courses.

Get one-on-one support. Get some training. Get a job!


You are eligible for the program if you are one of the following groups:

Young People:

  • Young people aged between 17-19 years
  • Not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week)

Mature Participants:

  • Mature aged people between 20-64 years
  • Unemployed for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week)
  • Not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week)

Young People Impacted by the Justice System:

  • Young people aged between 17-24 years
  • Who have been, or are currently on, Youth Justice Orders

Asylum Seekers:

  • Aged between 17-64 years
  • A person without citizenship but holds a valid:
    - Bridging Visa Class E (BVE)
    - Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV); or
    - Temporary Protection Visa (TPV)

Out of Home Care:

  • Aged 17-64
  • A person that has a current or previous experience with Child Protection

Who do we help?

  • Parents returning to work
  • Unemployed (you do not need to be on Centrelink payments)
  • People who feel isolated in their community
  • Career changers
  • Young people
  • People returning to work after a long absence, for example after an injury; illness; carer responsibilities
  • People escaping domestic violence
  • Indigenous Australians
  • People with low literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills
  • New immigrants
  • Highly marginalised groups including those experiencing addiction or homelessness
  • People with a disability
  • Young people impacted by the Justice System
  • Asylum Seekers

Anyone lacking the confidence to make a new start.

Where do I find Reconnect?

We provide assistance in Wodonga, Towong, Indigo and Alpine Shires. 

Will this program cost me anything?

No. This program is a free service.

Contact us!

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