Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

What is VCAL?

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a vocation based educational option that offers a great career pathway for practically-minded students wanting to complete their secondary education. VCAL gives you practical work-related experience, as well as literacy and numeracy skills and the opportunity to build personal skills that are important for life and work.

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VCAL is an accredited secondary certificate issued by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, as is the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). VCAL focuses on careers based 'hands-on learning' whereas the VCE is widely used by students as a direct pathway to university. Students who study VCAL are more likely to be interested in continuing their studies at TAFE, doing an apprenticeship/traineeship, or finding employment after they complete their course.

Please be aware that VCAL is not a soft option, or easier than VCE, particularly at Intermediate and Senior level. VCAL places a high demand on the organisational, self-management and planning skills of students.

The VCAL has three levels - Foundation, Intermediate, and Senior. You start and complete your VCAL at the level that matches your needs and abilities. Your appropriate VCAL level will be discussed and decided upon at interview.

VCAL's flexibility allows Wodonga TAFE to design a study program to suit a variety of interests and learning needs. You will study units from the following four compulsory strands.

  • Strand 1: Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Strand 2: Industry specific skills
  • Strand 3: Work related skills
  • Strand 4: Personal development skills

How long will it take me to complete the VCAL?

Students usually complete a VCAL level in one year.

Are there any entry requirements?

You should be at least 17 years of age to enrol in VCAL at Wodonga TAFE.  Applicants under 17 will be referred to our Youth Pathways Officer as part of the Early School Leavers process.

How do I apply?

Please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 698 233 or email Your enquiry will be directed to an appropriate staff member to arrange a pre training interview to determine the level of VCAL you should apply for. You will then be asked to apply online for the relevant course which can be accessed via our VCAL courses page

VCAL students survey statistics

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