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Life at Kids on Campus

Our programs

The programs available at Kids on Campus Early Learning Centre are:


Our Vision

Every child participates in lifelong learning, starting with Early Years Education. 


Our Mission

To deliver quality early learning programs that allow children to explore, develop and create through a child-led approach in a safe, welcoming environment.


Our Values & Objectives

At Kids on Campus Early Learning Centre we have created a safe and positive environment for children to develop and grow, for them to feel comfortable and most importantly to have fun while learning. Our aim is to offer a service to your children that follows routine, develops meaningful relationships, and offers engaging experiences so they feel completely at ease to spend their time in our care. We take the time to get to know and truly understand your child's personal needs and individual learning styles, their likes and dislikes, and develop a program that meets those requirements for a happy and nurturing experience.



At Kids on Campus we are constantly reviewing our menu and updating it seasonally. We follow the Victorian Government's Healthy Eating Advisory Service guidelines for menu planning to ensure our children are eating the right foods to nourish their bodies and keep them sustained throughout the day. Our Centre Director works closely with parents, staff, and our Centre Cook to ensure that all dietary requirements are being met and catered for appropriately.
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