Growing Finger Limes in Albury/Wodonga area

Growing Finger Limes in Albury/Wodonga area

By Lidia Boque Gousgouni
23 May 2018

If you’re in doubt about growing Finger Limes in our region, don’t be. Given the right location and position they grow, thrive and produce fruit.

Finger Limes are trendy, the fruit is often called ‘lime caviar’ because of the numerous small balls of juice they contain. These tangy balls are fantastic in desserts and in drinks and are used as a garnish and included in numerous dishes. Finger Limes have the botanical name Citrus australasica and they’re native to northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. There are a few different cultivars available such as ‘Rainforest Pearl’, ‘Ricks Red’, ‘Byron Sunrise’ and ‘Judys Everbearing’ to name a few.

3rd Year horticultural apprentices Lachlan Drummond, Cameron Isedale and Jessy Wilson looking at the characteristics of the Finger Lime.

I know our climate isn’t the same as northern NSW but I promise you they can grow well in Albury/Wodonga. I’ve just picked some fruit from a three metre tall specimen in West Wodonga and the fruit taste was amazing. These plants can get tall, up to six metres and they’re thorny - so pick your position carefully. 

It’s important to protect your Finger Lime from strong winds and from frosts. Choose a position where the plant receives a reasonable amount of sun, a north facing site is recommended. The specimen in Wodonga is surrounded by other trees that protect it well. If you’re worried about putting one in the ground, keep it in a large pot that can be moved to a protected location during the winter. Feed your plant every few months and keep the mulch reasonably thick.

The flowers on this plant are small, white to pale pink and they appear late in the summer and into autumn. These flowers are followed by fruits like small bananas – 25 to over 100 mm long. The fruits ripen from winter to spring and can be green, brown, yellow, purple, red or black in colour.

The plants will suffer from the same pests and diseases that other citrus trees get and the controls will be just the same as for your oranges and lemons. If you have a spot that might be suitable I strongly suggest you try to grow a specimen of Finger Lime, I have one in my garden. Local nurseries stock Finger Limes so you won’t have too much trouble sourcing a plant or two.



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3rd Year horticultural apprentices Lachlan Drummond, Cameron Isedale and Jessy Wilson looking at the characteristics of the Finger Lime.

Written by

Deb Delahunty, Horticulture Teacher at Wodonga TAFE