Bulb displays for spring

Bulb displays for spring

By Lidia Boque Gousgouni
26 Apr 2018

If you want your garden to pop with colour and fragrance this spring then you need to be out in the garden preparing it right now. So clean up your gardening tools and get planting. Spring bulbs are amazing surprise packages that can create a huge impact in the garden, my favourite are the Bluebells that remind me of English woodlands.  

Other common bulbs that can be planted now for a spring display include Daffodils, Jonquils, Freesia and Tulips. Let’s have a look at a few of the most popular.

Anemone – a colourful display from late winter to mid spring. These plants at Wodonga TAFE make a stunning display each year.

Freesias – these can become a weed in some areas as they multiply happily in good soil. They prefer an open, sunny position. Appearing in late winter to early spring these little treasures will fill a space with flowers and perfume. An ideal plant to use as a cut flower.

Bluebells – both the English Bluebell and the Spanish Bluebell grow well in Australia, though the Spanish is hardier in the heat. These plants look amazing mass planted under trees, they really need a semi-shaded location for good growth. The Bluebells will flower from spring through until early summer.

Crocus – better in cool regions, in our area, they may need a shady spot to grow well. Crocus will flower from late winter to early spring. Make sure the bulbs are planted in cool, moist soil for success.

Tulips – one of the most popular bulbs that produces stunning flowers in a myriad of colours. Tulips like a cool position, partial shade is perfect though they often do well in the open in our region.

Anemone – commonly known as the Wind Flower. Prefers full sun to light shade in a rich soil.  Flowers will appear late winter to mid spring. Low maintenance and free flowering – these plants are delightful in the garden and a winner as a cut flower.

If you don’t have a spot in the garden, think about planting your bulbs in pots. Pots can be moved from location to location to suit the occasion. Then they can be moved out of sight when the foliage starts to die back.

No matter what types of bulbs you want in your garden this spring, the hard work needs to be done now, happy planting.


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Anemone – a colourful display from late winter to mid spring. These plants at Wodonga TAFE make a stunning display each year.

Written by

Deb Delahunty, Horticulture Teacher at Wodonga TAFE.