Why would you work in Disability? Just ask our students – they’ll tell you!

Why would you work in Disability? Just ask our students – they’ll tell you!

By Susan Burdett
18 Jan 2018

find rewarding work in the disability sector

We were very privileged to be able to talk to some of our students in Certificate IV in Disability late last year, before they finished their course and went out, fully qualified, to a range of employment options.

This is just some of what our students said when we asked them why they had chosen to train and work in the Disability sector…

“I wanted to make a difference, and this course is definitely for people who want to make a difference.”

“I have a nursing background – I wanted to be able to do more to support and advocate for people.”

“I wanted a change of career from sales and banking – to more of a caring profession where there is a diversity of ages and roles – I wanted to be somewhere where I could make a difference.”

“This course has given me more of an idea of the type of area I’d like to work in – I can help in schools, day centres, special needs schools, home care, disability services, respite – there’s so much work if I want it.”

“I am already working in the industry and have practical experience but I wanted the knowledge from the training.”

“I have grown up caring for siblings – I have the skills, the passion and the goal is now to work in third-world countries with children with disabilities. First, I want to formalise my current skills with a qualification.”

“I started a nursing degree but wanted to work to support people and in health, so I came to this course info session, and it sounded like what I wanted to do. The placements so far have been good.”

“I’m working in disability support – I want to be able to counter old attitudes in management, so with a formal qualification I can counter these road blocks.”

“It pushed me out of my comfort zone – it sounded interesting, and I’m so glad I chose it.”

“I started previously but life got in the way. I’ve come back to this after childcare, kids and youth work. I hope to be able to help someone, to be able to make a change.”  

“I want to work in the industry, so this course will give me the extra knowledge I need to help people.”

So, if this sounds like it could be you… if you want to work with children, or with teenagers, or adults – young and old, across a range of workplaces – from special needs schools, disability services, home and community care, to respite houses - then contact us to find out more.

For more information, and to apply

Apply now for Certificate IV in Disability CHC43115. The course starts on campus Monday 12 February 2018, with classes on Monday and Thursday each week.