An important message to year 12 students who just received their VCE and HSC results

An important message to year 12 students who just received their VCE and HSC results

By David Pendleton
15 Dec 2017

A big congratulations to all those year 12 students across the region that have received their VCE and HSC results.  No matter what your result may be, you all should be extremely proud of your achievement.

We know that completing year 12 is a lot of hard work, and right now all you probably want to do is relax and enjoy summer.  But…yes…it is important that you put a little time aside to think about what your plans are for next year.

If you need any help sorting out a plan for life past high school, whether that be getting a great job, or continuing on with education (TAFE or uni), we would strongly recommend visiting the Wodonga Skills and Jobs Centre.  At the Skills and Jobs Centre you can get one-on-one support in working through all your options.  So you no matter what your situations is, the Skills and Jobs Centre can get you on a path to whatever you want to do.  You can book an appointment with the Wodonga Skills and Jobs Centre by calling 1300 698 233.  It’s a totally free service by the way.

Now obviously, we want to see as many young people as possible continue to engage in education, and we at Wodonga TAFE would like everyone to seriously consider beginning their tertiary education at Wodonga TAFE.  Here are just a few reasons as to why a TAFE education is such a great option:

TAFE students are more likely to be employed after graduation, even more so that university graduates.  A big reason for this is because of the way people are taught at TAFE.  You get real hands on industry experience whilst studying, meaning you can walk into a job, and know what you are meant to be doing.  Employers love this.

TAFE graduates get paid more.  Workers with certificates or diplomas from Australia’s vocational education and training institutions had starting salaries $2,000 higher than university graduates.

Great pathways into university.  For those people that want to go to university, we think this is awesome.  But you may want to consider taking a pathway through Wodonga TAFE.  Why?  Well, you can get university credit for the subjects you do at TAFE, and you get all the industry experience that comes with a TAFE qualification.  This means, you move into your university course with real experience, putting you ahead of your peers.

Government funding making your education much more affordable.  By studying at TAFE you have access to government funding that assists in reducing the costs of your tertiary education.  So whether you want to move from TAFE study into the workforce, or you want to use credit to move into university, you will not be stuck with the huge costs associated with studying at some other non-TAFE institutions.

Congratulations once more to all year 12 students.  Whatever lies ahead for you we wish you all the success in the world.  If you make the choice to study at Wodonga TAFE (we think that would be the smartest choice by the way), be assured, you will not only have a great time, but will graduate with real options, real skills, for the real world.