Make a difference with your job: work in the Disability sector!

Make a difference with your job: work in the Disability sector!

By Susan Burdett
11 Dec 2017

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If you’re interested in a rewarding and challenging career and want to make a real difference in people’s lives, then the Disability sector could be the industry for you. Whether you would like to assist people with disabilities to achieve their goals, or whether you want to advocate for change for and with people with a disability, or whether you need the qualification to extend your opportunities, there is a range of career choices available to you through completion of the Certificate IV in Disability.

With big changes coming to the Disability sector as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) becomes operational across Australia, there are also lots of new job opportunities for people who like a challenge and want to make a difference!

Imagine being able to work to support people to achieve their potential! You could work in schools, in day programs, at an employment enterprise, or in a person’s home. Your daily work role would be filled with variety - you may be supporting people to plan and write their goals, or you could be working to support them in gaining everyday living skills such as using public transport or completing household tasks such as planning menus, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. You could be providing support and assistance with education or with sporting activities, as well as providing companionship. You might be helping them with their health care and personal care routines, or supporting them to gain independence in living independently and accessing the community safely.

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Along with the right attitude, having a relevant qualification such as the Certificate IV in Disability (that includes hands-on practical work experience) can give you extra knowledge and understanding of the industry and ‘best practice’ requirements to help you do your job well. It will also give you the edge with employers as the industry grows more competitive. This qualification can also lead to career advancement into management or team leader roles.

So consider your options in the disability sector – whether you’re currently employed as a personal carer or support worker, or whether you’re thinking about looking for a job to support or advocate for people with a disability – talk to us to find out how to enrol for 2018!

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