‘Eye of the Tiger’ Rose

‘Eye of the Tiger’ Rose

By Lidia Boque Gousgouni
29 Nov 2017

If you’re in the market for a small rose with a fragrance – then keep an eye out for a range of roses bred in England by Chris Warner, these roses feature a reddish central ‘eye’.  This group of roses is the end result of many years of intricate breeding.  The rose in the photo is ‘Eye of the tiger’ – yellow flowers with the ‘eye’ and a delightful fragrance.  This rose will flower for months and is relatively disease resistant.  This plant grows to about one metre and stays as a rounded ball with only a small amount of pruning assistance required.  What’s also very appealing is that it will hold foliage to the ground so you don’t get open, bare areas – this good habit makes ‘Eye of the Tiger’ a perfect tub specimen.  This is a floribunda rose – meaning it produces masses of flowers.  You might think the roses look simple because they don’t resemble the typical roses used as a cut flower – but don’t be fooled, this plant produces flowers in large numbers and the flowers literally smother the plant. As a cut flower, they have a reasonable vase life.

Other varieties of roses with the contrasting eyes include ‘Angel Eyes’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and ‘Smiling Eyes’.

‘Angel Eyes’ is a single rose with lilac/pink flowers with a purple eye.  Growing to about one metre this plant is scented but not as strongly as some of the others.

‘For Your Eyes Only’ flowers pink/orange and is another rose with the typical eye in the centre.  Growing to just under one metre it has a compact habit of growth and a subtle perfume.

‘Smiling Eyes’ has soft apricot to light pink petals with dark pink eyes.

This group of roses is appealing because they have old-fashioned characteristics and actually look a little like wild roses.  But these plants have all the benefits that modern breeding can give including healthy disease-resistant foliage and strong growth.

All these varieties are suitable for planting in garden beds and would look sensational mass-planted.  This might be a perfect plant to put on your Christmas Wishlist or it could be a perfect plant to give as a present.  These ‘eyed’ perfumed beauties are a great plant choice for our region.


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 ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ rose  - a rounded, compact garden shrub and a winner as a cut flower.

Written by

Deborah Delahunty, Horticulture Teacher at Wodonga TAFE.