Invitation to judge national industry safety challenge

Invitation to judge national industry safety challenge

By Lidia Boque Gousgouni
03 Nov 2017

Experienced Industrial Skills & Trades trainers, Steven Lillis and Allan Skinner, represented Wodonga TAFE at the annual Safety Challenge held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in Perth on Thursday 19 October. Steven and Allan applied their extensive knowledge of legislation and high-risk vehicle work to their roles as judges.

The GBMA Safety Challenge is an annual event run by the Gypsum Board Manufactures of Australia (GBMA), the industry body for plasterboard manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. The event is designed to promote and raise awareness about safe practices in the workplace. It identifies the safest and most skilled operators amongst the GBMA member companies (USGBoral, CSR, Knauf, GIB and BGC), who provide a team with participants selected from all over the country.

Competitors’ skills are assessed in areas such as operating obstacle courses, maintenance inspection, team hazard inspection, and manual handling activity. Whilst individual skills are well recognised, the event also places a strong emphasis on the participating teams functioning as a unit.

Steven and Allan worked in collaboration with a representative of the GBMA committee over the course of 10 months. The expertise was used in the forklift design and judging of the forklift course component.

Participation in the GBMA Safety Challenge is a celebration of excellence, where members have developed a well-defined selection process to ensure the best participants are competing.

Wodonga TAFE’s IST Department provides forklift training to many of the businesses and their associates. Involvement by IST in this program has provided uniformity of GBMA principles in forklift operations and manual handling practices.

Steven and Allan are proud to assist the plasterboard industry in their endeavours to achieve the highest standard of forklift operations for their businesses. This has been IST’s twelfth year of association in the safety challenge.